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Erica Campbell of gospel duo Mary Mary follows her own path

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As half of the popular gospel duo Mary Mary, Erica Campbell has spent the last 15 years beside her younger sister, Tina. Together they’ve created hit songs such as “Get Up” and “Shackles (Praise You),” as well as a reality television series soon to enter its fourth season.

But that professional relationship is only an extension of the bond that connected the siblings as they grew up, two years between them, in Inglewood, where they shared clothes, friends, even the first dates their mother wouldn’t allow each girl to go on by herself.

So it’s little wonder Erica Campbell had reservations about striking out on her own last year with her debut solo album, “Help.” There was her fear of the unknown, of course, and also her worry that Tina — in the midst of a marital crisis documented in unsparing detail on WeTV’s “Mary Mary” — might view her step away as a betrayal.

“I felt like I was just another person giving my sister grief,” Campbell said recently. “I was like, ‘How can you do that?'”

Ten months after the album’s release, the singer, 42, is happily out from under that weight. Tina, she said, has assured her that she approves of Campbell’s solo work.

And “Help” has met with confidence-boosting success, including two nominations — one for best gospel album — at Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony. Now her problem is finding adequate time for both projects, as well as for her first priorities: her three children and husband-producer Warryn Campbell.



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