“Erica By Erica Campbell” Luxury Hair Line Coming Christmas Day!


Erica Campbell can now add the label of businesswoman to her long list of accomplishments! The Mary Mary singer who is also a successful solo artist is launching her new luxury hair line “Erica by Erica Campbell”

“So excited about my new venture with Vernon Martin,” Campbell revealed on Instagram. “‘Erica by Erica Campbell’ is available as of Christmas Day – my new Hair line!!!!!! #wigs #bundles #hairextensions #EricaByEricaCampbell #VeMa @thevernonmartin.”

“Erica by Erica Campbell” will launch on Christmas Day! Products include hair extensions (bundles and strands), wigs, clip-ins, closures, eyelashes and more. Purchases can be made at www.ericabyericacampbell.com.

Article: http://krnb.com/gospel-sunday/2015/12/17/erica-campbell-launches-luxury-hair-line/


November 28, 2016

I really need a long blonde wig

January 4, 2017

Hi Mykenzi, visit www.EricaByEricaCampbell.com or email us at info@vemacouturehair.com for information on purchasing a wig for your needs. Have a blessed day!

Minerva M Roberts
November 28, 2016

Praise God my sister I love your wig hair line.

November 29, 2016

Watching you right now on "home" channel ..... awesome !!!! Looking to possibly getting into offering wigs in my salon.

January 4, 2017

Awesome! In addition to wigs, we have extensions, closures and clip-ins. Email my hair team at info@vemacouturehair.com if you'd like to offer our products in your salon. Have a blessed day!

November 29, 2016

Erica I have short curly hair but I'd like to know if I can get a little longer curly hair wig from you and I like to know if they can be done also can you let me know thank you it is so refreshing to listen to you and see who you are and what you've become

January 4, 2017

Hi Elaina, you can check out my hair products at www.EricaByEricaCampbell.com. You can purchase on the site as well. Thanks for your interest!

Stephanie Collins
November 29, 2016

I love the wig Erica have on today shoW/HOME&FAMILY i would like to order that wig 1365/HALL MARK HD: CHANNEL

January 4, 2017

Hi Stephanie, you can order the wig at www.EricaByEricaCampbell.com or send an email to info@vemacouturehair.com. Have a blessed day!

November 29, 2016

I just finished watching Erica on the Hallmark channel(55) here in Raleigh. I so loved the wigs, however I suddenly had my hopes of getting one diminished. Why ? Erica stated they were priced for the everyday woman to afford $ 250-and up .We all, want to look nice, even at my age of 64. I certainly cannot afford to go out today and purchase a wig or weave for that amount and still responsibly pay my bills on time. This is not to knock Erica, because she is making money and yes I have seen her give back to the community. I then looked over to the right of this page and saw Luke 6: 38,2. Perhaps I can save up for the wig Erica was wearing in a different color. Best wishes to her in the future, and for the women who were watching and can't afford either, lets write a letter to Santa Claus. Happy Holidays

December 1, 2016

I am interested in retailing your wigs. do you have a vendor website?

January 4, 2017

Hi Emily, thank you for your interest in retailing the wigs. Please contact us at info@vemacouturehair.com for vendor information. Have a blessed day!

Alicia jnbaptiste
December 18, 2016

Hello erica. My name is,alicia jnbaptiste,i live,in texas .never wore a wig before ,never interested until i saw you on tv ,talking about being solo from mary Mary.always admire your hair style ,waiting for the Christmas day god spare my life when your new line comes available to choose one about 12inches long semi curled number 2. Thank you for helping me improve the,quality in my busy life especially having twin girls 3yrs old ,working some crazy shifts,,where i have to face the public at all times ,and limited time . Between getting ready and being at work on time.god bless you ,and pray that you do very well in this business .

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